RMF Conservation Crew Update

By David Bocchichio

On July 9th, 2016 the RMF Conservation Crew, with funding from an REI Stewardship Grant, worked in partnership with the Connecticut Climbers and Mountaineers to conduct trail work at Ragged Mountain.

We worked in two teams with one quarrying and stockpiling large boulders for a retaining wall we're building to support the trail at the base of the cliff. The other team worked to set large boulders to construct the wall. Our quarry team, led by crew leaders Matt Curry and Glenn Waterman did a great job hauling huge rocks up the slope to restock our pile below Wet Wall. I was able to make great progress on the retaining wall with the help of regular conservation crew volunteers Bobby Buchan and Al Carilli, setting several large rocks to extend the base of the wall. Our next step is to remove the stump of the dead tree that Glenn and I cut down last month and to connect our two sections of wall that the stump now occupies. 

Our crew is comprised of volunteers from around CT that have made a commitment to get involved and give back to our crags, which in this case is no small task. The worksite is only accessible by hiking, all tools need to be carried in and out for each event, we spend the day working on a steep and unstable slope and are working with rocks that weigh over 300lbs. This all combines to make the work physically difficult and potentially dangerous.

I want to thank the CCM for the help recruiting volunteers and local climbers, Bobby Buchan, Glenn Waterman, Charlie Grillo, Adam Bourgun, Ross Ayer, Kylle Ayer, Paul Maresca, Al Carilli, Matt Curry and Bill Walters for coming out to help. It is great to have so many dedicated volunteers from around CT’s climbing community.

Interested in getting involved?
Go to http://www.raggedmtn.org/conservation-crew/ for information and to sign up or become a member for just $15.

David Bocchichio
RMF Conservation Crew Leader
Board of Directors