Plainville based Loureiro company cleans up Pinnacle Rock

On October 29, 2016 volunteers from Loureiro company gathered at Pinnacle Rock in Plainville in  Connecticut's central valley to clean up garbage, graffiti and begin a trail work project in coordination with the Ragged Mountain Foundation.

Volunteers from Loureiro began construction of new retaining walls under the "Cracked Wall" designed to help prevent erosion and soil loss.

Please help by walking and congregating above the new retaining wall logs at the base of Right Wing Wall and Cracked Wall.

Loureiro is an employee-owned engineering and construction firm based in Plainville. Since 2000 employees of the company gather annually for a community service project. This year they chose to work on a local outdoor site that promotes access and outdoor recreation near the company's headquarters in Plainville. 

Volunteers spent a full day cleaning up garbage and painting over graffiti around the crag while a crew began a trail building effort at the base of Right Wing and Cracked Walls designed to slow erosion and soil loss on the base trail. This is an excellent start to what will be an ongoing effort to harden the base of the popular crag.

Thank you very much to Loureiro and employees for their donation of hard work and time.

Also, thanks to the Access Fund for sponsoring this Adopt A Crag event.