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Rules and Regulations


Like our colleagues at the  Access Fund , the Ragged Mountain Foundation would like to create a public perception of climbers as stewards of the land and not just simply “users” of the land. For this reason we advocate for a balance between recreational access and environmental conservation, and we encourage climbers to respect and honor the places and policies where they climb.  

We welcome everyone to enjoy the RMF property but we ask that you follow these rules as outlined by our Deed of Conservation Restriction.  These guiding principles have been adapted to ensure that we leave no trace so that Ragged Mountain may remain wild and natural for generations to come:

  • No fires or camping

  • Stay on existing trails and durable surfaces

  • No fishing in the lake

  • Do not remove or destroy TREES, plant and animal life

  • Pack out what you pack in, including toilet paper

  • No motorized vehicles, boats or bicycles

  • No new fixed gear INCLUDING BOLTS & PITONS

  • Consider how your actions will affect others’ experience on the property

  • Respect adjoining private property

  • Show others by your actions. If they still don’t get it, tell them or teach them politely